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Inner Dog Productions is a creative services company, where we develop, create and produce high-quality content for kids. We partner with top broadcasters and distributors to entertain and engage kids, expanding their world view and always making them laugh.




This Podcast Has Fleas 

This Podcast Has Fleas is a scripted comedy series created by Adam Peltzman and Koyalee Chanda about a well-intentioned dog named Waffles (Emily Lynne) who can’t seem to make things go her way and a cool cat named Jones (Jay Pharoah) with a fondness for auto tune. Not only do Waffles and Jones live under the same roof, these lovable pets also have competing podcasts! With unpredictable storylines, original music your kids will sing along to, and hilarious recurring characters – including a goldfish played by Alec Baldwin and a gerbil played by Eugene Mirman – the series tickles kids and parents alike.